Wednesday, November 10, 2004

9th November

Time: 49min
Distance: 7.5km
av. HR: 145
kcal: 873

Where: up Reabold - round Bold Park
Insights: A man of action hears by mail A Full Belly has a strong spirit. To visit NY is one thing, to have finished a marathon there is quite another.


Blogger tokyo goat said...


9:13 pm  
Blogger Anthony said...

If a man of action says he has been running, do you believe him?

2:40 pm  
Blogger tokyo goat said...

when the man of action speaks, the goat listens, the goat enjoys, and the goat believes. He knows the man of action has no room or time for untruths.

9:48 pm  
Blogger Anthony said...

Then goat is persistent. Very well then.

2:48 pm  
Anonymous mortgage payment said...

like tumbler and tipsy days hopefully we will remain in high spirits. well, good day

8:31 am  

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